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Wedding Event Wala

Wedding Event Wala- Wedding Planner Success Story

Wedding Planner in Patna
Himanshu Singh

wedding planner & organizer

Wedding Event Wala is the brainchild of Himanshu Singh. With his expertise in event management, he has helped put together some of the best events and weddings for a diverse clientele.

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It was an early morning on February 23, 2018 as Himanshu Singh woke up to a Facebook notification from an unknown number. He had no idea what to expect but he knew that it could not be good news. To his surprise, the message was from one of his clients who had seen him at a wedding fair:

Wedding Event Wala
Wedding Planner in Patna

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“Hey Himanshu! Thank you for coming to our wedding and making ours a special day! We would love to give you some feedback on how we found working with you. It was so nice to see that you are very attentive and responsive too- we felt like we were your only customers! Let us know if there’s anything we can do to help promote your services or offer any referrals.”

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This experience reinforced Himanshu Singh’s belief that all businesses should have the same customer-focused approach to business development. Himanshu Singh is committed to his entrepreneurial spirit and has continued on with his work.

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Wedding Event Wala is a wedding planner that specializes in making events happen. Here’s the story of how Wedding Event Wala got their start and what they have managed to overcome in their journey.

It all started with a small idea and close friends who believed in Himanshu Singh. Himanshu Singh quit his job as an engineer and decided to turn his love into a professional event planning business thanks to the support of his family and friends. Hailing from a family of supporters, he had the support and belief in his ability to make this idea a reality.

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Himanshu Singh has been passionate about organizing events for over 8 years now and always wanted to have his own event planning company all along. But it was not until after starting his own business that he found the perfect opportunity to start what is now, the number one catering company – Wedding Event Wala Catering Services. “I think I would have been successful in any business, but the wedding planner business just came to me naturally. I love being a part of people’s special moments and wedding events are the most special moment for them, so that is where my passion lies.

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Wedding Event Wala also organize birthday events with most affordable price and quality. Himanshu Singh always focus on the quality work which has made him the best wedding planner and other services provider in Patna, Bihar. Quality Aptitude He has a well-established reputation of providing the best services with quality work and reliability. In order to make sure that his customers are getting their needed services, he hires only the best workers and takes very good care of them.

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