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A sweet treat isn’t the only area to show off your creativity. When it’s time for the pre-wedding festivities, you might also want to have a cute little mocktail counter that can serve as the focal point of the space. Use these tips and tricks to make a party great when you’re entertaining.

Understand the main purpose of making mocktail counters

Before setting up a counter dedicated to serving mocktails, you need to keep in mind that the sole purpose of making it is not to serve anything but the drinks have to be served as creatively as possible. Here, it is also very important to fully know your duties as a hostess. For example, whether you’re serving drinks yourself, or hiring a bartender, your own guests’ meals and snacks should all be taken into account.

decorating ideas for mocktails

What are mocktails without decorations? A dull-looking mocktail glass will complete the whole fun atmosphere. Seeing these thoughts, think of doing something in a good way.


i) Fruit Stirring Sticks

You can use fruity stir sticks that are edible to make your mocktail glasses stylish. Use fruits like cranberries, cherries, or blueberries to give your mocktail an eye-catching look. so that the mocktail looks more beautiful

ii) Use a toothpick

If you want to save money but don’t hesitate to decorate, use toothpicks. Cut your pineapple, apple, or berries into slices, then pierce them with toothpicks. Now place these on the edge of your glass.

iii) Use ice cubes of different flavors

This is probably one of the easiest ways to pull out the glasses of your mocktail. Buy two to three different fruit juices. Then, fill these inside an ice cube tray and freeze. Take them out and then add them to your mocktails. The bold and light color of the cubes will add to the allure of your drink.

iv) Try Candied Lemon Wheels

The candied form of lemons and oranges looks and tastes great. You can simply cut the wheels of a lemon or orange, and then, pierce these through the toothpicks. Put some candied pieces of these fruits inside your mocktail.

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