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  1. Resonance

frequent ringing or buzzing

  1. attenuation

To reduce the intensity of sound waves

  1. decibels

It is the unit for measuring the level of sound.

  1. Microphone

It is a device used to convert sound waves into electrical signals.

  1. Microphone Mixer

It is a device used to combine two or more electrical signals.


  1. Amplifier

It is a device used to amplify (i.e. increase power) electrical signals.

  1. Amplified Speaker

This speaker has a built-in amplifier.

  1. P.A. System

It is an abbreviation for Public Address System. A PA system consists of a microphone, mixer, amplifier, speaker, etc.

  1. Feedback

It is a ringing noise that is produced when a microphone reproduces the sound taken from the speaker.

  1. Sound Source

It can be a speaker, singer or an instrument, or any instrument that produces sound.

  1. Frequency Response

It is in a way that a microphone-like device or a room-like environment responds to different frequencies.


  1. Flat Feedback

This means that a device as a microphone responds in the same way to different frequencies i.e. whether the frequency is high or low, the device is going to respond in the same way. The flat response may not occur in any device or environment. However, they can have an almost flat response.

  1. Ear Plugs

This device is used to attenuate sound waves. It is worn by people who work in noisy places such as clubs to prevent permanent hearing damage.

  1. Noise Reduction Rating (NRR)

Any device whose NRR is less than 20 dB (decibels) is of no use

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