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Wedding Truss-Light Services

lighting or stage truss lighting designers with LED or automatic fixtures to better manage the individual lights for you wherever they choose. Lighting trusses are found in theatres, concerts, performing arts, or tradeshows, arenas, and stadiums. We are the go-to for staging equipment wherever we go, we do our best to provide you with Aluminum Lighting Truss.

Sections of sticks or truss lights can be joined together to form a structure from which light fixtures, video, audio, or other staging equipment can be easily hung. Light trusses come in many different sizes and, when they are joined together, are spaced or different sizes. and looks so good too

This article includes information and videos discussing several areas of light trusses:

  • type of light truss
  • What is a truss made of?
  • What are the components?
  • normal size
  • How the Truss is Deployed
  • Light Truss Application
  • How is a lighting truss made?
  • Truss Protection and Load Table
  • Common Truss Accessories
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