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Traditionally, live bands were hired for entertainment at weddings. Both DJ and live bands have become a necessity in today’s time very fast. And now everyone appeals to DJ in their beats. Over time this specific breed of DJ became increasingly more professional and gained more and more market share at the expense of live bands and musicians. Today, in every city of India, if there is a wedding anywhere in every area, there is a system of arrangements and people also take live bands because everyone wants that moment to be good.

DJ and live band both have their own merits and it is mainly a decision based on personal preferences. Because everyone needs something different.

However, there are some pros and cons you should consider in order to make an educated decision.

Live band There is nothing that can take its place.

The captivating effect of the live actors performing on stage.

The songs and genres are limited to what the band can play.

In small rooms, most bands sound very loud.

Bands take a break. It will be difficult (if not impossible) to keep the energy and dance floor full until the next set starts.

When the band ends, it’s not always the time you want the party to end. What to do with the remaining time?

Good bands are usually more expensive than good DJs.

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