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Wedding Photography and Videography Services

Your wedding day and we capture those moments on camera to turn it into a special story. Wedding photographers at Wedding Eventwala love to work with couples to create a charismatic package of photographs that will document their wedding day, timeless and memorable. And those whom they can see later and remember their happy moments.

Your wedding ceremony is your special day and we recreate it in a unique story by shooting those moments with a digital camera. We’ll make you look back at those photos after a long time and relive exactly the way you crafted your personal character story.


The photographer becomes part of the family for the bride and groom for a few days and creates a happy atmosphere to flawlessly capture the joyful smile inside the wedding rituals. So that he can capture some of your moments in the camera, after the wedding, with time, everything will change, but the memorable moments always remain inside the candid photos in the wedding album.

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