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Experiential weddings: What are they?
How do you make one?

An “experiential wedding” can be held in a variety of locations, including the backyard of your home, a small lawn, by the side of a lake or river, in a forest, or even right in the middle of trees and other natural features.

The concept behind experience weddings is that we may make the most of our lovely surroundings and add a special, “unique” touch to our wedding. Unique because not many people get married in a forest or by a lake, and lovely because your wedding will be an expression of who you are, cozy and loving with your loved ones.

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As wedding planners, we will work with you to create something truly unique that will help you realize your vision.
Weave wonder into the already-existing color scheme.

Wedding Event Wala


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There must be a fundamental idea guiding the wedding that must be made tangible.

Even if you have a lesser guest list, you can still give each visitor a memorable experience. a straightforward suggestion like placing unique name tags on the dinner table or providing each guest with a plant to take home and remember your wedding for years to come. simple thoughts that evoke strong feelings.

Setting a mood will convey your wedding’s philosophy. For instance, if you want to have a traditional Indian wedding, make sure there are lots of Indian flowers present, such as marigolds, rajnigandha, or champa, which can improve the appearance of your site and help your guests understand your vision.


Wedding Event Wala

Since you have a small guest list, you can splurge on a divine food menu and personalized menu for your guests. Food is an important element of weddings and a small guest list can help you to make it a great experience for each and everyone present.

While working with the caterer can help in deciding all the items in the menu and in giving unexpected surprises to the guests, we can also personalize crockery and cutlery, have name tags and can create great tables capes.


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Create multiple events to keep guests engaged.

Think pool parties, champagne brunches, rehearsal dinners, wine tasting, nearby treks or visits to the surrounding area, cycling trips in the countryside, team games, yoga, massages, relaxing time.

Guest interaction is key.

There are many options, including giving small, personalized wedding favors, DIY stations, photobooths, GIF booths, personal bartenders, movie nights, pyjama parties, treasure hunts, and special entrances to your event. You may even share stories about your guests and have a bonfire night.


Wedding Event Wala
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The key to expressing your vision for the wedding will be the decor. Your favourite flowers, particular colours, modest personal touches, images of your family and visitors, rustic features, lots of candles, and twinkling lights can all be incorporated into the design.
Such little particular touches make a big difference in making your ideal wedding a reality.

To ensure a fantastic wedding with a lot of heart and effort put into it, we adhere to these 5 criteria.

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I wish you luck on your big day!

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