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7 Ways To Store Your Bridal Lehenga After Wedding

A bridal lehenga is one of the most important garments that you will wear in your life time. It needs to be preserved the right way so that it can stay in the best condition for years to come. Here are some ways in which you can store your bridal lehenga post wedding.

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1) Hang and Dry:

If you want to wear your lehenga again, then hang it and dry it as soon as possible.

2) Store with Dry-cleaners:

If you don’t plan on wearing it again or if we are unsure about how dirty the garment is going to get, then we recommend storing the garment with a dry-cleaners. 3) Fold and Store: If you want to store the garment for an extended period of time, then fold it up and place it into an acid-free box or envelope. Tuck tissue paper between each layer of fabric before rolling them up tightly. The box should be secured with packing tape. Transport: If the garment is too large to be stored at home, then it should be taken in to a dry cleaner or laundromat. and cleaned.

4) Trim:

If the garment is too large or matted, then it can be trimmed with a sharp pair of scissors.

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5) Wash and Dry:

Washing and drying a garment can be time-consuming and expensive. The best option for you may be to find a dry cleaner that specializes in your workwear or clothing brand to clean it!

6) Ironing:

It won’t hurt to give your garments an ironing either! It doesn’t turn back the clock, but it can prevent any wrinkles.

7) Storage:

It’s important to store your workwear properly in a cool and dry place to avoid any damage. This is especially important when it comes to safety gear like hard hats or gas masks!

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