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10 Tips For Handling Wedding Day Stress!

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Wedding day stress can be alleviated by taking some time to prepare yourself mentally and physically. By following these 10 tips, you can reduce your wedding day stress and enjoy the excitement of getting married.

Wedding day
Wedding day

1) Give yourself ample time to prepare for the big day – this means not letting your maids and the other vendors down by forgetting or being late, etc.

2) Arrive at all destination points on your wedding day with plenty of time to spare so that you don’t get stressed if there are any unexpected delays.

3) Plan ahead so that you know what is happening next – this will help eliminate any unnecessary surprises or confusion on the big day.

4) Eat healthy food in moderation before the wedding – this will help reduce any worries about feeling bloated, heavy, or sluggish on your special occasion .

5) Stay away from heavy meals, alcohol consumption, smoking cigarettes, etc., before you say “I Do” – these might make you feel tired , bloated, or sluggish on your special day.

Wedding Dance
Wedding Dance

6) Remove any jewelry before the big day – this will help prevent any unwanted accidents that might occur during the wedding and make for a more relaxing and comfortable experience for you.

7) Wear comfortable clothes so that you don’t have to worry about having to change into something else at the last minute, or worry about being uncomfortable if you have to dance the night away with your DJ or band .

8) Exercise on a regular basis so that you will feel more energetic and start your day from the scratch. Go for a walk in your garden and do some yoga and meditation for the mental peace.

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9) Give yourself an overall timeline. This can be difficult if you have no idea how much time or money you have to work with, but it is a good idea regardless. It’s also important that whoever creates this timeline also knows your budget and deadlines so that they know what is doable within your constraints.

10) Use a timer to keep track of time allocated for each task    – for example, plan on spending two hours before the ceremony starts. Use some of that time for food, drinks and photos with friends and family, but don’t forget that there are other things that need attention, such as hair and makeup if needed!

Why clear tents are blessings for your outdoor wedding?

Clear Tents

Clear tents are popular because they provide the best of both worlds. They protect your guests from inclement weather and keep them comfortable.

Clear tents are popular because they provide the best of both worlds. They protect your guests from inclement weather and keep them comfortable. The tents can be taken down in minutes and then moved to the next spot when needed, making them very convenient for people who have a lot on their plate!

Clear tents are a blessing for your outdoor weddings because you can use them to make your wedding ceremony more intimate, for guests to be able to see the entire ceremony from a distance, and because they provide protection from the sun and rain. Plus, it’s much easier to keep your event outdoors when you don’t have to worry about inclement weather! Clear Tents as Wedding Blessings Clear tents are perfect for outdoor weddings because they provide protection from the sun and rain, make your wedding ceremony more intimate, and allow guests to be able to see the ceremony from a distance.

It’s so much easier to keep your event outdoors when weather isn’t an issue! Hire Clear Tents for Your Outdoor Wedding At Oasis Tent Rentals, we have a variety of clear tents available that can accommodate up to 100 guests each. We also offer decorating packages that come with tables and chairs, linens and napkins, signs, balloons and more.” As for the food, all of their offerings are homemade to maximize flavor and freshness.

Clear tents are a great alternative if you want to use them for your outdoor weddings. You can enjoy the view of the outdoors and not have to worry about bugs.

Clear tents can be a blessing for many reasons. For example, it’s easier for guests to find their seats since everything is clearly visible from the outside without having to go through curtains or doorways.

The things you should know before buying wedding outfit

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This article will guide you on what to keep in mind before you make your decision on which bridal outfit to wear on your wedding day.

Wedding outfit

Formal Bridal Outfits: These outfits are perfect for making a grand statement at the ceremony or for a stunning photo. They are often in white, ivory or another light color, elaborate with lace and tulle and sometimes even a long train.

Casual Bridal Outfits: Casual outfits are ideal for an intimate, small-scale affair. They can be in any color palette that makes you feel good about yourself, from blush pink to navy blue. The design doesn’t need to be as elaborate as a formal ensemble and some dresses may not even have a train.

Wedding Dresses

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The most important thing to remember is to have fun and to enjoy the experience. Don’t forget that this is a time for you and your fiancé, not the dress. You don’t have to spend a fortune on your wedding dress and there are dresses available at all price ranges!

These are some of the things you might want to consider before buying your wedding dress: Style, color, material, if the skirt has train or not (train=back of dress), budget, size.

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There are many things to know before buying your wedding outfit. You have to consider the weather, the time of the day, your body shape and size etc.

The first thing you need to consider is what type of dress material you want. The dress material should be comfortable and appropriate for the weather. If it is going to be hot, then a light fabric is best while if it is going to be cold, then a thicker fabric would give more warmth. The next thing to consider is the length of your dress. If you want a dress that falls just below the knee, then opt for a shorter dress while if you want to wear something longer than mid-thigh, then go for a longer gown. Once you have decided on what type material and length of your gown, it is time to choose what color scheme you would like. You can go with black and white, or dark colors such as navy blue or purple. . For a more casual look, you can wear green or brown for a more cozy feeling. After choosing what color scheme you would like, it is time to decide on how to style your gown. You can go with the classic halter neck style, or try a sleek v-neckline. You can also choose the full-length ball gown by adding long sleeves and train or by going strapless with spaghetti straps.

Wedding Decorations Services in Patna Bihar

Wedding Decoration

Wedding Eventwala and Entertainment offers the most unique selection of wedding decorations to complement every theme, color, and style. Our expert Wedding Decorator Services work with a vision to design and organize wedding events matching the latest trends and client aspirations, yielding the best-in-class Wedding Decoration Services in Patna.

Our team of highly skilled Wedding Decorators in Patna plan, design and host a wedding in such a way that it seems like a luxurious affair. At Wedding Eventwala, being the master of the skill of organizing dynamic and interesting events, we aim to generate moments of pure joy and long-lasting memories for the host families as well as the esteemed guests. This kind of approach towards our work has made us one of the most sought-after options for wedding decorations in Patna.

Our team of wedding decorator services will make sure that you and your family enjoy your wedding day and raise the ceiling high with your loved ones. All you have to do is leave the stress of decoration and grooming to us. Whether you want to have a custom-made decoration, eye-catching floral creations, or some theme-based decorations for your wedding, we will do our best to make it remember forever.

From floral elements and paper decorations to eye-catching lanterns in pastel or vibrant options and much more, here you will find wonderful things for your wedding decorations. Being one of the most remarkable options for wedding decorations in Patna, wedding decorations go a long way in setting the mood; Personalized wedding decor items add a personal touch, and aesthetically designed columns and pillars add a touch of class.

2023 Wedding Trends to Watch: From Open Hair to Earthy Toned Lehengas & Many More!

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What could possibly top a lavish Indian wedding? Well, a trendy big giant Indian wedding!

The internet is the preferred resource for wedding planning for couples who are getting married. However, the internet is a huge place with a variety of viewpoints and choices to peruse, particularly when it comes to weddings. Therefore, having a comprehensive list of the wedding trends for the future year is helpful. It is important to be aware of the trends that will shape the upcoming year, notwithstanding the hours you may have spent crafting your wedding mood board on Pinterest.

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So, here is a list of wedding trends that will rule in 2023, ranging from colourful wedding decor inspired by the Pantone colour of the year to 2023 cosmetic trends.

It’s time to address the topic that’s on everyone’s mind right now as the new year draws near. What wedding fashion trends can we expect to see in 2023? The whole event is elevated when couples incorporate these ideas into their weddings. These styles are the “X Factor” that each wedding needs. A conventional wedding still has some elements that are the same, but there are some trends that tend to alter. This is partially a result of the constant evolution of consumer preferences. Here are our forecasts for 2023’s wedding trends.

Photos that look natural and candid Like most things in the wedding industry, trends have a big impact on photography styles.

Local Bridalwear Brands Will Take the Lead

Even while brands like Manish Malhotra and Sabyasachi are well-known when it comes to bridal apparel, they are not as reasonably priced as we would want. A rapid increase in the appeal of locally produced, smaller brands with a broader audience was observed at the end of 2022. And with great finesse, we anticipate this tendency to continue into 2023. Brides are gravitating toward labels and designers who embody their individuality while remaining within their price range, from new labels to Hidden Gems.

Daytime Pre & Post-Wedding Shoots Remains In Vogue—-
If there’s one thing we’ve learnt in the past few years, it’s that couples love pre-wedding shoots (even if they slyly deny it). Similarly, post-wedding shoots have also become quite popular these days. However, no one wants to get shot indoors anymore. They did that during the pandemic and they’re over it now. Couples want to breathe in the fresh air while getting clicked for their pre-wedding album. This gives them an opportunity to utilise various special locations in their cities like monuments and historical sites as the backdrop while getting gorgeous shots clicked in natural light. 

Reds and pinks are the colours of true love, indeed. However, we’ve seen an increase in brides choosing more muted, earthy colours for their bridal lehengas. The popularity of these earthy tones for bridal lehengas is expanding, and they range from deep red-browns to burnt oranges, sage greens, golds, and even sap greens and purples. Additionally, we’re crossing our fingers that more brides will choose to use these distinctive colours in 2023.

Exuberant Patterns for Pre-Weddings
Our hearts belong to printed lehengas! Printed lehengas are comfortable and lightweight and have been around for a while. We know that women have already started embracing this tried-and-true practice for their pre-wedding events, so we urge future brides to give it serious consideration. You can try with everything from floral lehengas to ones with chevrons and geometric motifs! The biggest selling point of these beauties is that they let you celebrate fully and run around carefree.

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